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Chemical Composition of Ethylpentedrone


NEP, or N-Ethyl-(nor)-pentedrone, belongs to the chemical class of cathinone.

Pentedrone NEP has a phenethylamine nucleus (2 ethylamino 1) with an alkyl group
attached to the alpha carbon and an oxygen group attached to the beta carbon.Pentedrone NEP is a derivative of hexedrone, the methyl group attached to this nitrogen atom

is attached, and is substituted by an ethyl group (2 ethylamino 1 phenylhexan 1 one.

The 2nd substitution is an ethyl group, which is attached to the amine group on R  N2  to form N-ethyl.

Pharmacology of Ethylpentedrone.


Not much is known about the pharmacology of ethyl hexedrone.

N-Ethyl-nor-pentedrone  ( N-Ethylpentedrone,  Ethyl-pentedrone, or NEP  ) is a modern

stimulant of the cathinone class that has stimulating, euphoric effects when ingested.


User reports describe Pentedrone NEP as a euphoric effect explicitly chosen to mimic the characteristics of banned substances, which is comparable to the effect of cocaine and ecstasy.

Ethyl Pentedrone Powder

Buy high quality Ethyl pentedrone


The GRCT has many years of experience in the designer drug industry,

which allows us to guarantee the highest quality for our products.


Here you can safely buy a high quality Pentedrone NEP powder as Pentedrone NEP crystal.


The research chemicals, including Pentedrone NEP, are processed in the most  careful way

transported, stored, and kept in a cool, dry environment.


All products are always pre-tested for quality, purity, and safety.


Always store Pentedrone NEP powder at room temperature.

Each product has a description of the relevant Research Chemical

and includes a downloadable PDF file with the lab results. ETHYL-PENTEDRONE NEP CRYSTAL


This way you are always assured of a good quality Pentedrone NEP.


All our products have a fair price!


Order Ethylpentedrone legally


Despite the fact that designer drugs are now legally available on the internet,
we as GRCT strive to send in the most secure and discreet way possible. ETHYL-PENTEDRONE NEP CRYSTAL


When you order NEP at GRCT Pentedrone, we will ensure that you

order via FedEx is delivered to your home quickly, safely, and discreetly.


At GRCT you can create your own account as a new customer,

such an account has many advantages when buying RCs on the GRCT website.


All products of the GRCT are of high quality and have a fair price.


Buy research chemicals with Bitcoin or

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Note: Pentedrone NEP is not intended for human consumption.

Discreet shipment of legal designer drugs.


Despite the fact that designer drugs are now legally available on the internet

We as GRCT strive to send in the most discreet way possible, safely and quickly.


The RCs are first put in a click bag before
they go into a sealed bag where they are double burned.


Then they go into a mylar bag which is injected with anti-dog spray.


Each envelope is also provided with a tag so that it can get lost

of a package can be found in real time if possible,

if the delivery time takes longer than average.

Also, view our shopping cart categories. ETHYL-PENTEDRONE NEP CRYSTAL


Ordered before 4 p.m., delivered tomorrow!


Lab-tested research chemicals with results


All our chemicals are tested in an independent lab.

Each product has a description of the relevant

Research Chemical and includes a downloadable PDF file with the lab results.


That our products always meet the working ingredients and can be seen openly by everyone.

By testing our research chemicals, we are sure
that all our resources have a high purity level.


You can, however, order products for research purposes on the website.

The designer drugs we sell are not fit for human consumption.


Safe use of the Designer drug


Our research chemicals are not for human consumption!


Keep it in good packaging and out of the reach of children.
Follow the safety recommendations, never discharge research chemicals into the environment
. Provide a well-ventilated area that promotes breathing!

Unsafe use of research chemicals can cause irritation to the eyes, and inhalation of a product can cause irritation of the respiratory tract – maintain a correct posture that promotes breathing.


Contact of RCs to the eyes can cause eye irritation,

in that case, rinse carefully with water and remove contact lenses if necessary.


When Research chemicals have ended up on the skin, it is

enough to rinse it off with neutral soap.


Always store Pentedrone NEP powder at room temperature,

keep the Pentedrone NEP away from extreme heat sources.


For any questions about the above conditions, please contact
us via e-mail or our support team, please note: this is not for human consumption! ETHYL-PENTEDRONE NEP CRYSTAL


Possible risk of Ethylpentedrone.


Note: Follow the prescribed safety recommendations;

Like other drugs, Pentedrone NEP
can cause irritation to the respiratory tract or cause irritation to the eyes or skin if used incorrectly.


If Pentedrone NEP causes eye problems upon contact,
rinse carefully with water and remove contact lenses if necessary.


After inhaling a research chemical that is causing problems with his or her respiratory system, take the person outside, if possible, get fresh air that will aid breathing.

Have the person adopt the correct posture and ensure good stability.


When inhalation of research chemicals causes respiratory problems,

take the person to fresh air and keep the person in good stability.


Pentedrone NEP is for research purposes only
and always keeps out of the reach of children. ETHYL-PENTEDRONE NEP CRYSTAL

Not all research chemicals are suitable for human consumption only for research studies.


Never discharge research chemicals into the environment!


As a new customer, if you have a question about safety,
you can contact our customer service or send an e-mail.

We do not sell to persons under the age of 18 and ethyl pentedrone is not for human consumption!


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We store our customer data in an encrypted database via the SSL
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Foreign Legislation (English)


The Swedish and Japanese Ministry of Labor and Welfare has banned n ethyl, just like in Canada and Germany, you can use n ethyl, however these products. ETHYL-PENTEDRONE NEP CRYSTAL

Shipping to the Netherlands is fully legalized.



Drug enforcement administration records show that some products have

too many similarities to illegal drugs after identification and analytical characterization.


Although there is still a lot that is unknown after drug testing and analysis of what it can do to health,

we recommend using some of the products for research purposes only.


Holland has been seen as a precursor to legalizing use and selling. ETHYL-PENTEDRONE NEP CRYSTAL

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