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Chemical Composition 6-APB (SUCCINATE)

6-(2-Aminopropyl)benzofuran  or  1-benzofuran-6-ylpropan-2-amine  ( 6-APB ,
also known as  Benzo Fury  and  Benfamine ) is a stimulant empathogenic party drug.

The general molecular formula for 6 apb is C 11 13 NO

IUPAC name 6-(2-aminopropyl)benzofuran Molar mass 175.23  mol

6 APB (6-APB (6-(2-aminopropyl)benzofuran)) or benzofury.

Pharmacology 6-APB (SUCCINATE)

6-APB is chemically related to amphetamine.

The substance resembles MDMA, in addition, the effect of 6-APB is said to last longer than MDMA.

6-APB was developed in England and is not yet included in drug laws,  the substance is also referred to as benzofury. Buy 6-APB (SUCCINATE) POWDER

The effect is similar to amphetamine, according to users

 a warm feeling of MDMA ecstasy and the sharpness of cocaine.

6-APB stimulates the release of dopamine,

noradrenaline, and serotonin in the brain and blocks reuptake. Buy 6-APB (SUCCINATE) POWDER

Research has shown that benzo fury puts you in a party mood, you can completely immerse yourself in music,

 it is sexually stimulating, and can feed you after higher euphoric feelings.

The product is sold at RCT as a pill and as a powder for research purposes,

 you can expect the products at home within 24 hours!

Buy high-quality 6-APB (SUCCINATE)

All research chemicals of the RCT are of high quality and have a fair price.

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All 6-APB of the RCT are of high quality and have a fair price.

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Possible Risks of 6-APB (SUCCINATE)

6-APB is a research chemical that is actually not
suitable for human consumption, 
 but only for research studies.


The powder can cause respiratory
irritation and eye irritation.

Never discharge research chemicals into the environment.

Benzo fury also has drawbacks like any other designer drug, research is known

 that in the absence of sleep the body can have anxiety attacks and difficulty concentrating. Buy 6-APB (SUCCINATE) POWDER

As a new customer, do you have a question about purity or safety?

Then you can send our customer service an e-mail. Buy 6-APB (SUCCINATE) POWDER

We do not sell to persons under the age of 18!

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