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The information provided on our website about 4F-MPH is not intended for human consumption, but for research purposes only.
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The 12 points about 4F MPH

1. Chemical Composition of 4FMPH
2. Action of 4-FMPH 4-Fluoromethylphenidate
3. Difference Between 4-FMP and 4F-MPH
4. Buying High Quality 4F-MPH
5. Safe Ordering of 4F-MPH
6. Discreet Shipping of 4F-MPH
7. Lab-tested 4F-MPH with results
8. Safe use of 4F-MPH
9. Investigate possible risks with 4F-MPH
10. Legislation on 4F-MPH Buy
11. The cookie legislation and Privacy
12. Another study around 4F MPH

Chemical Composition of 4F-MPH

4F-MPH (4 fluorophenyl 2 piperidin) is a synthetic molecule of the
substituted phenethylamine and a fluorinated analog of methylphenidate.
The synthetic name is methyl 2 4 fluorophenyl piperidin 2 yl acetate.

This product is structurally similar to amphetamine as

 methyl 2 4 fluorophenyl piperidin 2 yl acetate has comparisons to cocaine.

4F-MPH is structurally identical to methylphenidate, except for
a single fluorine atom bonded to the four positions on the phenethylamine nucleus.

The action of 4-FMPH 4-Fluoromethylphenidate

4F-MPH, also known as 4-Fluoromethylpenidate is a new
synthetic agent of the substituted phenethylamine that
produces long-lasting euphoric and stimulant effects when administered.


It is the structural analog of the ADHD drug methylphenidate,
more commonly known as the well-known brand names Ritalin and Concerta.


Difference Between 4-FMP and 4F-MPH

4F-MPH has an extremely short history of recreational taking,
inhibiting the production of dopamine in the brain.

Dopamine is considered to be energizing and stimulant, being markedly weaker than
amphetamine or methamphetamine, but stronger than methylphenidate, modafinil, and caffeine.

This product may be seen as a Ritalin replacement or the brand names Ritalin.


Buy high-quality 4-FMP

Safe to buy the Ritalin replacement?



The GRCT has many years of experience in the designer drug industry,
which means that we can guarantee the highest quality for our products.

The research chemicals, including mph 4f, (Ritalin) are
transported, stored, and stored in cool, dry places in the most careful manner.

All mph 4f (Ritalin) are always pre-tested for quality, purity, and safety.

All our products have a fair price!

Safely order 4F-MPH

At GRCT you can create your own account as a new customer,
such an account has many advantages when buying RCs on the GRCT website.

All of the GRCT’s 4f mph 4 are high quality and fair price.

When you order your Ritalin replacement at GRCT, we ensure that your order
is delivered to your home quickly, safely, and discreetly via FedEx.

Ordering research chemicals such as 4 fluorophenyl 2 piperidin with Bitcoin, or bank transfer is all very easy at the GRCT.

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Discreet transmission of 4F-MPH

Despite the fact that designer drugs are now legally available on the internet

As GRCT, we strive to ship in the most secure and discreet manner possible.

Buy 4F-MPH Online

The RCs such as 4F-MPH are first put in a click bag
before they go into a sealed bag where they are double burned.
Then they go into a mylar bag which is injected with anti-dog spray.

In addition, each envelope is provided with a tag, so that any loss of a package can easily be found in real time if the delivery time takes longer than average.

We do not supply products to persons under the age of 18!

Lab tested 4F-MPH with results.

The GRCT strives for the overall satisfaction of its customers.

Various studies have shown that customers
ask for as much information as possible before buying research chemicals.

We publish all lab results of each research chemical in a PDF file.

That our Ritalin replacement always meets the working ingredients

and is open and known for all to see.

Safe use of 4F-MPH

Always approach a designer drug such as 4F-MPH safely.

Unsafe handling of research chemicals can cause eye irritation,
and inhalation of the product can cause respiratory problems.


The research chemicals are processed in the most careful way

transported, stored, and kept in cool, dry places.


This way we prevent the risk that products can be unsafe.

All research chemicals are pre-tested for quality and safety.

For any questions feel free to contact us via email or our support team.

Possible Risks of 4F-MPH

4F-MPH is a research chemical that is actually not for human use

consumption and is suitable but only for research studies. Buy 4F-MPH Online


Never count too high a dose for Ritalin!

Make sure you don’t become a victim by playing your own guinea pig.


After inhalation of RC causing breathing
difficulties, remove victim to fresh air.

(don’t let it cause respiratory damage).

As a new customer, do you have a question about safety?

send you an email to our customer service. Count on that! Buy 4F-MPH Online


We do not sell RCs to anyone under the age of 18!

Legislation regarding 4F-MPH

Different laws apply in Europe regarding research chemicals or design drugs.

In the US, RCs are not prohibited from keeping them by law.

It seems that the US is once again leading the way. Buy 4F-MPH Online


In Germany, 2-fma is not a banned substance as long as it is not consumed by humans.

Sweden is known to be classified as a hazardous substance in 2016.


Nor is it permitted in the United Kingdom to import, transport, or sell 4F-MPH as a substance.

First, find out which research chemicals you are allowed to buy in your country. Buy 4F-MPH Online


4F-MPH is not for human consumption for research purposes only.

The cookie law and Privacy

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We will always comply with and use the cookie legislation

as few cookies as possible and will never use your private data!

We store our customer data in an encrypted database via the
SSL encryption method and believe that private data should not be shared with third parties. Buy 4F-MPH Online


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Another study around 4F MPH found out about the potency of 4F MPH:

Another study in medicinal chemistry found that threo-isomers of methylphenidate,
the meta- and para-substituted compounds tended to have increased binding potency.

The synthesis and pharmacology structure of Methyl 2 4 fluorophenyl piperidin
2 yl acetate compounds containing novel methylphenidate analogs
fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and methyl are close related to methylphenidate.

4 fluorophenyl 2 piperidin was reported as having the following values:

[3H]WIN 35428 binding of 35.0 ± 3.0 (2)and [3H]dopamine, also known as Ritalin or concerta.

Buy 4F-MPH Online

Buy 4F-MPH Online

Buy 4F-MPH Online

Buy 4F-MPH Online

Buy 4F-MPH Online

Buy 4F-MPH Online

Buy 4F-MPH Online


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