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Chemical Composition of 3-FMA

3-fluoromethamphetamine is a synthetic molecule of the amphetamine group.

  • Molecules of this amphetamine family contain the substances n methylpropane 2 amine, fluorophenyl n methylpropan 2, 3 fluorophenyl n methylpropan, 1 3 fluorophenyl n, within the amino group (NH2).
  • 3 fluoromethamphetamine is the fluorinated analog methamphetamine and a positional isomer of 2-fma and 4-fma.
  • n methylpropan 2 amines, fluorophenyl n methyl propane 2 leads to the production of serotonin and dopamine.

Pharmacology of 3-FMA

Studies indicate that the action of 3-fluoromethamphetamine can lead to a higher musical appreciation and gives a cognitive euphoria that even spontaneous physical sensations can feel such as suppression of orgasm. Buy 3-FMA POWDER

Using the right dose gives a time warping experience, the acceleration and passing of time are much faster than normal sober.

This substance also gives a higher focus and motivation improvement. Buy 3-FMA POWDER

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