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The information provided on our website about 2-FDCK is not intended for human consumption, but for research purposes only.
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2-FDCK (ketamine)

General information 2-FDCK

The 2-FDCK (or 2 fluorodeschloroketamine or fluorophenyl 2 methylamino cyclohexane) form a structure within an amino group with fluorophenyl 2-methylamino cyclohexane, 2 methylamino cyclohexan 1 one.

The 2 methylamino cyclohexan 1 one and fluorophenyl 2 methylamino are therefore
called fluoroketamine 2, 2 fl, fl 2 oxo pcm or 2 fluorophenyl. Buy 2-FDCK CRYSTAL

2 FDCK (2 fluorodeschloroketamine) contains no chlorine and differs from regular ketamine in that respect. Buy 2-FDCK CRYSTAL

Research indicates that the action of 2 FDCK
can lead to a higher musical appreciation and a physical euphoria that even spontaneous physical
sensations can feel such as suppression of orgasm. Buy 2-FDCK CRYSTAL

2 FDCK works just like ketamine, some claim it in the future will even replace ketamine in its entirety. Buy 2-FDCK CRYSTAL

Buy high-quality 2 FDCK

The GRCT has many years of experience in the designer drug industry,
which means that we can guarantee the highest quality for our products.

The research chemicals, including 2 FDCK, are the most

 transported, stored, and kept in cool, dry places with care.

All of GRCT’s designer drugs are of high quality and have a fair price.
The research chemical 2 FDCK is sold in the GRCT web shop in powder form.
All products are always pre-tested for quality, purity, and safety. Buy 2-FDCK CRYSTAL

Various studies have shown that people want as much information as possible,
which is why we put the lab results of all RCS analogously on a PDF file.



Safely order research chemicals

At GRCT you can create your own account as a new customer,

 such an account has many advantages when buying RCs on the GRCT website.

All 2 FDCK of the GRCT are of high quality and have a fair price. Buy 2-FDCK CRYSTAL

When you order from GRCT 2 FDCK, we ensure that your order is delivered to your home quickly, safely, and discreetly
via FedEx.

Research chemicals such as 2 FDCK are easy to order

 with Bitcoin, or bank transfer.

2-FDCK ordered before 4 p.m., delivered tomorrow!

Discreet shipping of legal 2 FDCK

Although designer drugs are now legally available on the internet, we at GRCT strive to ship in the most secure and discreet way possible;

The RC is put in a click bag before they go into a sealed bag where they are double burned.
Then they go into a mylar bag which is injected with anti-dog spray. Buy 2-FDCK CRYSTAL

We do not sell 2 FDCK if you are under 18 years old!

Safe 2 FDCK investigations

In the safe investigation of a designer drug such as 2 FDCK, it is in the

 First of all, it is important to know from which source you can obtain this product.

A number of web shops are active that replace ingredients that work well
for cheap substances whose effect is much less or even harmful.

So be wary if a price is “too good to be true”.

1. Also do your own research first on how 2 FDCK works.
2. Know the risks to avoid problems.
3. Never use too high a dose but the correct number of micrograms.
4. Know in advance what your body can or cannot handle.
5. Every person is different.

When exploring 2 FDCK, have a friend stay nearby and keep water handy.
Preliminary research into how 2-FDCK is safe to use is strongly recommended.

Possible risks of 2 FDCK

2 FDCK is a research chemical that is actually not suitable for human
consumption but only for research purposes.

The real dangers are insufficiently known, which is why
ketamine should NEVER be taken in too high a dose.

Prevent unnecessary risks from irresponsible use of ketamine.

Too high a dose of ketamine can lead to damage to the nervous system.

 It can even result in acute pulmonary edema.

So be careful if you use 2 FDCK or ketamine.

You can contact our support team 24/7 for questions.

We do not sell RCs if you are under 18 years old. Buy 2-FDCK CRYSTAL

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