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The information provided on our website about 3-FPM is not intended for human consumption, but for research purposes only.
Don’t play your own guinea pig with research chemicals!

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Chemical Composition 3-FPM

The chemical formula of 3-FPM as
available from us is C11H14FNO – the molecular weight is 285.42g.

3-FPM (FPM 3) or 3-Fluorophenmetrazine is also called 3-FPH and PAL-593,
 this product is a fluorinated derivative of phenmetrazine.

3-FPM (PAL-593) is a fluorinated analog based on stimulant
and fluorinated phenylmorpholine of phenmetrazine 3 fluorophenmetrazine.

The chemical formula is C11H14FNO.

3-Fluorophenmetrazine is an analog of 3f phenmetrazine and 3-
 fluorophenmetrazine a new research chemical 
in the stimulant family 2-3-fluorophenyl, 3-methylmorpholine, 3-fluorophenmetrazine.

3 fluorophenmetrazine contains a fluorine atom which is incorporated into the amphetamine skeleton.


Pharmacology of 3-FPM

3-FPM (FPM 3) increases brain activity by 

activate serotonin,  dopamine and norepinephrine levels.

Subjective effects include, improved focus and motivation,
accelerating thoughts, higher euphoria and stimulation.

The accumulation of neurotransmitters results in effects of euphoria and stimulating experiences.

Buy high-quality 3-FPM

The GRCT has many years of experience in buying designer drugs,

 so we can guarantee the highest quality for every product.

The research chemicals that we sell in the webshop, 

including 3-FPM 3 fluorophenmetrazine meet our high standards and are
most carefully transported, stored and kept in cool, dry places.

All products have a fair price, buying at the GRCT is safe and secure.


Secure 3-FPM order.


When you buy your designer drug at GRCT, we will ensure that your

 order via PostNL is delivered quickly, safely and discreetly to your home.

At GRCT you can create your own account,  such an account
 has many advantages when buying RC’s on the GRCT website.

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We strive to become the leader of high-quality products with an
ever-growing customer base, who can buy our products safely and reliably.


Buying and ordering 3 fluorophenmetrazine 3-(FPM) or another research chemicals
 with iDeal, Credit card, Bitcoin or bank transfer, it is all very easy at the GRCT.

Ordering is easy see: “view order”

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Discreet Send 3-FPM


Despite the fact that designer drugs are now legally available on the internet
 , we as GRCT strive to send in the most secure and discreet way possible.

The product is placed in a click bag before they
go into a seal bag where they are double burned.

Then they go into a mylar bag which is injected with anti-dog spray.
In addition, each envelope is provided with a tag, so that any loss of a package can easily be found in real time, if the delivery time takes longer than average.

There are no research chemicals available for anyone under 18!

Lab tested 3-FPM with result

The GRCT strives for an ever-increasing satisfaction of its customers.

Research shows that the new customer has many questions
about research chemicals such as 3-FPM , 2-FMA or FPM3.

An account has many advantages to answer all your questions.

We publish all lab results of each research chemical
on a PDF file, which can be seen above this text!

That our 3-FPM always meets the working ingredients and is open to everyone.

Lab results at the Research Chemicals Team are always present

RCs compared to illegal drug(s)

GRCT offers research chemicals for different types of target groups.

Unlike MDMA, Ketamine and Cocaine, all our
 designer drugs are not covered by the Opium Act.

The 3-FPM (fpm 3) is legal under Dutch law.

Carrying RC’s is not punishable,
nor is the purchase, storage or sale of research chemicals.

However, producing and/or making designer drugs is punishable by law.

Safely investigating 3-FPM.

When researching a designer drug such as 3-FPM safely
 , it is first and foremost important to know from which source you can obtain this product.

Also do your own research first how 3-FPM works, know the risks to avoid problems.

Never take too high a dose but the right number of micrograms of 3-FPM.

When you start using 3-FPM, ask a friend
 to watch you and have a glass of water handy.

Any risks of 3-FPM.

WATCH OUT Buying Designer Drug or 3-FPM (FM 3) on the Internet!

Research chemicals are not suitable for human consumption
 , but only for research purposes.

The real dangers of 3-FPM (3-fluoromethamphetamine) are insufficiently
 known, which is why the product should NEVER be taken in too high a dose.

Prevent unnecessary risks from irresponsible use of 3-FPM (fpm 3) and 4 fma (fma 4).

Too high a dose can lead to sleep deprivation or damage to the nervous system when it has worn off.

Buying 3-FPM Legislation.

Different laws apply in Europe regarding research chemicals.

First find out which research chemicals are allowed in your country.

It seems that the Netherlands is once again leading the way.

Funny thing is that in Germany 3-FPM is not a banned substance
 as long as it is not consumed for human use.

However, in Sweden it was classified as a hazardous substance in 2018.

For the UK, importing, transporting or selling is prohibited.
(however this is consisting and this controlled substance is relatively well tolerated)

So first find out which research chemicals are allowed in your country.

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